What is Water Soluble CBD or Nano?

Nano-CBD (short for Nano-Emulsified) is the result of a revolutionary, patent-pending process that shrinks the size of a CBD molecule down to the nano-meter size. As a comparison, a regular CBD crystal, like we use in our isolate products, is approximately 4.44 micro-metres in size (or 4,444 nanometers). Our CBD is more than 400% smaller โ€“ recently tested between 5 and 17 nanometers.

Why? Tell me More!

When regular CBD molecules are ingested, much of the dosage is lost or wasted as the particles are too large to be absorbed through places like the stomach and intestines, (gastro intestinal system), the glands in oneโ€™s mouth (sublingual ingestion), the pores in oneโ€™s skin (epidermal absorption) or even via the โ€˜classicโ€™ method of ingestion โ€“ smoking is imperfect (though technically the most efficient, it comes with it own health-adverse side effects). To be noted: this is something that occurs with almost everything the human body ingests, and is far from limited to natural substances, let alone nutrients and even common pharmaceuticals like Advil.

More so, what makes edible’s like gummies, or capsules so inefficient is the limited amount of lipid carriers within one’s digestive system. Lipid carriers are required to carry (go figure!) CBD to the blood stream. Much of CBD is wasted when ingested this way as when the lipid carriers are gone, the leftover CBD just goes to waste.