CBD Oil for PAIN

Cannabidiol (CBD) oil is useful for individuals with who experience various forms of pain, without the psychoactive effects. CBD oil can reduce acute and chronic pain, inflammation, and general distress associated with various health conditions. Cannabis is can be used to produce CBD; this is a type of cannabinoid that is a natural chemical constituent of hemp and marijuana plants. This chemical compound doesn’t cause the high feeling commonly related with cannabis plants, which is caused by another type of cannabinoid known as THC.

Research on CBD oil and the treatment of pain have revealed a great deal of potential health benefits. CBD may be a substitute for individuals who have chronic pain and depend on unsafe, habit-forming medicines such as opioids. Adequate research is needed in order to confirm the pain-relieving effects of CBD oil. A recent research reviewed how effect CBD is to relieve chronic pain. The research considered studies done between the late 1980s and 2007. Based on these studies, scientists confirmed that CBD was active for general pain management without showing serious side effects. Researchers also concluded that CBD was effective in the management of insomnia associated with chronic pain.

Subsequently, the possible health benefits of CBD oil for headaches, migraine and premenstrual syndrome (PMS) will be explained further in this article.

If you or a loved one experiences mild to moderate chronic pain, CBD2GO.ca offers the following products:

Back Pain

Scientists believe that CBD interacts with receptors located in the immune system and brain. Receptors are small proteins connected with your cells that get chemical signals from various stimuli and prompts cells to respond. This is what gives the painkilling and anti-inflammatory effects that helps with  pain management. This proves that CBD oil may help individuals with chronic pain like chronic back pain.

When you experience back pain, you will want to stop it by all means. Surgery may not be the best option, and rehabilitation and neuropathy can only go so far. At that point, you may be left with depending on medicines that have more harmful side effects. As marijuana is getting legalized, more treatment plans and products are being creating more opportunities to manage back pain.

How CBD Oil Works for Back Pain

CBD oil products such as Calyx Boost 250mg and Calyx Calm 600mg prevents neuronal transmission in pain pathways. The CBD in CBD2GO products may also decrease inflammation, providing more comfort and ease. Whether you take CBD oil in an edible, sublingual or topical form, the outcome is basically the same; the only change is how precise the dosing is.

Furthermore, taking CBD oil may be a natural alternative to taking painkillers.  You may get a general reduction in pain, but it may not be sufficient to completely relieve the pain. Alternatively, rubbing CBD oil on the affected area directly is like receiving a massage; you can direct the pain relief on that main area until the pain is totally gone. Try the Healing Lotion (Organic) on the affected areas.


CBD acts to relieve headaches normally because of the way it works with the human body’s endocannabinoid system; which is a collection of receptors located in the enormous network of soft tissues, muscles, and nerves in the cranial area. The endocannabinoid system is involved in starting and maintaining optimal human health.

For headaches, which is the outcome of the inflammation of some areas in the neck and head, CBD acts on the confined endocannabinoid receptors to either degenerate neurochemical release back to normal levels or lessen headache-inducing inflammation in blood vessel networks, tissues, and acute muscles.

In 2016 there was research conducted on the effects of CBD on headaches  and the rate of recurrences. Researchers discovered that victims of serious headaches were given a regular dose of a CBD for 3 months had experienced 55 percent less pain. The research also found out that ingesting CBD causes few side effects than the common pharmaceutical options.

CBD2GO offers Calyx REPAIR 1500mg Capsules, CBD Move 1000mg CBD Tincture, FeelCBD Calm Disposable Pen 250mg CBD for headache relief.


Research was conducted at the University of Colorado for the potential medical benefits of CBD and migraines . 121 individuals who got normal migraine headaches used CBD oils every day to avoid attacks. About 40 percent of the people said the frequency of migraine headaches they experience every month was reduced to half. The individuals used different types of marijuana to intake CBD, but they generally inhaled CBD oils to get a relief of the migraine; researchers discovered that it is effective in stopping the pain of migraines. The individuals who inhaled marijuana also found out that it was easier to control the quantity of the drug they inhaled, and they experienced lesser negative reactions.


Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) refers to physical and emotional symptoms that occur in the one to two weeks before a woman’s period. Symptoms often vary between women and resolve around the start of bleeding. Common symptoms include acne, tender breasts, bloating, feeling tired, irritability, and mood changes.PMS can be very painful for women and there is a strong need for natural remedies to ease the pain and discomfort for PMS symptoms. Fortunately, studies suggest CBD oil can help with the management of some of the symptoms associated with the condition such as pain, mood swings, headaches, and cramps.

Many medical CBD users understand the main effectiveness of using CBD oil for the management of pain. Actually, it is often the favorite choice of patients who have interest in other options apart from the chemical drugs and their undesired adverse side-effects. With this in mind, you may be wondering why it should take such a long period of time before some conditions are included to the list of recognized ailments for medical cannabis. Menstrual cramps which are commonly known as menstrual pain, is just a condition that is not yet widely identified as a condition that can be managed with the pain-relieving effects of CBD.

However, there is controversy among health professionals on the effectiveness of CBD in preventing PMS, but there is a proof that suggest that it can be helpful for ladies with the pain associated with the condition, both anecdotal and scientific. Even if CBD oils does not block the pain totally, it can minimize the awareness of the pain. CBD, can relax the muscles, which may be responsible for the cramps in the first place.    

Finally, CBD oils products such as Calyx heal 1000mg, Calyx heal +2000mg, Calyx boost calm 600mg, CBD move 1000mg &  CBD move 500mg may be effective in the management of pain mentioned above.

* CBD2GO.ca does not intend to give this as professional medical advice. Do not attempt to self-diagnose, or prescribe treatment based on the information provided on this page. Always consult your physician before making any decision on the treatment of a medical condition.


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