Cannabidiol has been researched on many levels to prove its therapeutic actions regarding mammalian physiology in relation to performance. This concluded that it promotes heart, joint and brain health along with an increase in immune function.

Cognitively, CBD encourages neurogenesis and neuroplasticity that repairs brain damage from concussions by building new brain cells along with protecting them from future injury.

Physiologically, CBD acts as an anti-inflammatory and decreases the frequency of muscle spasms by regulating calcium ion production, known to constrict muscles.

Cannabinoid Type 1 receptors exist in our bone marrow to aid in minor fractures to more serious broken bones. CBD interacts with cytokine production, the signalling proteins synthesized and secreted as immunomodulation agents which balance initiation and resolution of inflammation.

It also inhibits cell proliferation (rapid cell growth) and induction of T-regulatory cells that modulate the immune system.

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